Our research continues!  Matthew Fomine Forka will soon be collecting new samples in diverse ethnic communities in Cameroon, in order to learn more about the most ancient human Y chromosome lineage, A00.  We begin July 2015.
The DNA sample collecting in Cameroon portrayed on PBS' "First Peoples" program was only a depiction staged for the sake of TV filming -- not the actual sampling for our study. It took ages to get through the many steps involved in getting ethical approval from Cameroonian bioethicists.  But we finally made it!  Our first field trip is now about to begin.
  • Tree Diagram of Perry sample in relation to African A00 Samples tested by FTDNA and SMGF
    This Neighbor-Joining Tree  was made with the SplitsTree4 program, using 38 markers that all haplotypes had in common. Other haplogroups were used as outgroups (not shown). Njungo and Fontem are the names of communities in the Southwest Region of Cameroon where these samples were collected. Two samples collected in Mamfe and Mbetta are noted in parentheses. Some slightly different tree outcomes grouped Perry with the Tabi and Techoukwi samples.
The people of Fontem belong to the Bangwa ethnic group who speak Ngwe, and the people of Njungo speak the Nkongho language considered related to the Mbo language family; both use English as their main second language (thus being Anglophone Cameroonians). 
  • Simplified  Diagram of the A Phylogenetic Tree  
    This shows all the new branches added to the human family tree by our research project which sequenced several different African-American members of the A Haplogroup Project. 
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